About the artist Rhona Fleming

Artist's Statement

“Slippage.  The space and time between intentions.  Between what is and what may be art.  Between art and architecture.  Between layers of materiality and construct, the real and the imagined.  The place beyond threshold.”

This statement describes where I am now. There is an oscillation between painting and a more monochrome investigation using collage and drawing. Some painting layers have accrued over several years as I reassess and rework the pictures. On paper, graphite is subverted by resist. Precious materials are joined with the more ordinary within the same frame. The postcard work presents the slippage in time between the original image and the recent intervention. Sometimes, it is the slightest action that can be captured to produce a satisfying resonance that feels inevitable. The stain on the table, the chance alignment of objects, the way the door jamb divides the volumes. It is a process that can never stop and I hope that the viewer can enjoy as I do the notion that art is all around us.

October 2015

Rhona Fleming BSc BArch MA Cert Ecology & Landscape (UEA) Diploma in Sculpture (Sir John Cass)